China Beijing International Dive Expo

  • Beijing, China Dive Exhibition (China Beijing International Dive Expo,or CIDE) is China’s only international event sponsored by the Chinese Underwater Association which will be held 22-24 June 2013 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, Beijing International diving exhibition is a business platform which in order to seeking cooperation in global diving industry businesses,expanding their business, and a good exchange of learning channels for diving enthusiasts a comprehensive understanding of the diving trends, the most important platform to discuss the diving market development. Accumulated experience of the last successfully held, CIDE2013 will continue to working to showcase the brand for the dive industry related businesses to seek opportunities to establish cooperation in the exchange trading platform, the popularity of diving knowledge provides more diving information and learning exchanges diving opportunity for diving enthusiasts.

    2013 China diving Athletic Association Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2013 held in Beijing,in orderto promote the development of the diving industry in China, China’s diving Athletic Association and CIDE2013Beijing, China Dive Exhibition will be held at the same —-the two sectors of the Chinese diving industryresources together, bring together hundreds of diving club operators and numerous diving coach to CIDE2013exhibition site. Invite the friendly people at various diving clubs, travel agencies, training institutions, companies, schools, domestic and international diving community to come to the participants.

    Like most emerging leisure and sports industry, Stage of rapid development of the diving industry in China is currently in start. Along with the improvement of the level of consumption of Chinese urban residents, diving has entered a rapid development stage in China. Only 5000 pieces of international diving training organization certificate issued in 2010 in China, training business income of 0.2 million yuan. But with the emergence of domestic diving clubs, both professional training and entertainment features, diving activities have be more widely popularized in China and promoted, the wish to own the international diving certificate of diving enthusiasts is gradually increasing. Diving tourism services market since 2006, maintained an average annual growth rate of 30%, In 2010, more than 1.5 million visitors participating in the Discover Scuba Diving, dive travel services revenue of $ 4.5 billion, a huge market potential. CIDE, Beijing, China Dive Exhibition has become an indispensable part of China’s diving industry, as the important commerce platform of foreign enterprises which enter China and Asia markets,and establishment international network, and play a further role in promoting the development of China’s diving market.

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    Chinese Underwater Association
    Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
    China Entertainment Industry Association
    Beijing Situjiate International Exhibition Co., Ltd

    meeting schedule:
    Registration Booth Layout:20-21 June 2012
    Formal exhibition: 22-24 June 2012

    Concurrent Activities:

    • Chinese diving Athletic Association
    • Chinese diving industry development forum
    • International Underwater Photo Competition
    • Lucky draw

    Conference Highlights:

    • the level of the highest ,the largest and the latest of product categories in the international dive exhibitionevent;
    • the most valuable diving and dive travel industries market expansion opportunities;
    • the most authoritative and most influential force diving industry’s most sophisticated people ideas collisionexchange;
    • bringing together international, excellent underwater photography and underwater photography knowledge,dedication to the new gluttonous visual feast.

    Previous review:

    Beijing International Diving Exhibition CIDE 2012 had successfully concluded at the China International Exhibition Center, June 20-22, the representatives of companies of which exhibitor have Tourism Malaysia,Sabah Tourism Board, the long edge of the diving Sipadan Water Village Resort, the MV Handy, Tasik Divers, Infinite Blue Diving, Tawali Resort, sea & sea, IST, TUSA, Aropec, Derbyshire diving, star view of science and technology, BAUER COMP DAN Keli Kang, Poseidon and so on. CIDE 2012 attracted more than 50exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, more than 100 brands appearances, including 68% international exhibitors; more than 6,000 professional visitors from over 20 countries and regions, of which 26% are from overseas; social foreign audience of more than 21 percent of the audience. CIDE has become an effective platform for comprehensive integration of the diving industry and the international diving market.


    1. Standard Booth9m2(3m×3m)Configuration: Exhibition space, Three partitions(2.5m high),Fascia board, One table, Two chairs,9m2Carpet,220V power socket, two spotlights;

    2. Raw (36 9m2rents) Exhibition venues, security services, no facilities Excluding these two fees to build fees, management fees and other costs of light to all borne by the enterprises themselves;

    3. Fees(two-sided open booths, plus 20% of the original booth fee):

    Standard / Raw Standard
    Domestic area RMB9800 RMB1100
    International exhibition RMB12800 RMB1300
    Foreign enterprises USD3600 USD360

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