Diving Magnificent Lembeh pt.2


Yos Dive Lembeh – Eco Beach Resort hosts a bunch of exceptionally experienced and professional dive guides. We had the honour of diving with Ben Sarinda, a guide with such impeccable skills of finding rare critters and taking their photos at magnificent poses imaginable. It was such a wonderful experience to share his wealth of experience and passion for diving that you could be led to transform your own to the next level. Moreover, his colleagues Ednan Kamari and Jandri Maninggolang have likewise demonstrated noteworthy proficiency you would have a brand new standard for this industry. Needless to say, they are amazing to the core.

1.Ben Sarinda

Ben Sarinda

We had the pleasure of having a glimpse of Ben’s portfolio, and boy, we could only say, he absolutely has the gift. His photos speak volume about the lovely fusion of nature and personal creativity. It is a must to see his underwater models yourself, at their home ground in Lembeh Strait.

2.Mimic Octopus by Ben Sarinda

Mimic Octopus by Ben Sarinda

3.Goby with Eggs by Ben Sarinda

Goby with Eggs by Ben Sarinda


Headed by Yos, who is an architect by profession, Yos Dive Lembeh – Eco Beach Resort has a gem of a team. Some of them hold a long fruitful track record in the hospitality business. You would clearly feel and enjoy their adeptness to deliver such a service that would make you extraordinarily at home and delighted in every moment you spent with them. Interestingly, some team members are novice in hospitality industry. Nonetheless, it would never be apparent as they are well trained in their respective stations. Their constant display of smile, laughter and zest for life convey how much the team love what they do. As Yos, the owner shared – it is not all about the money. Indeed, there are more to it. It is doing what you love, loving what you do and everything in between.

4.With the kitchen staff

With the kitchen staff

5.With Yos Amerta, Ben Sarinda and Ednan Kamari

With Yos Amerta, Ben Sarinda and Ednan Kamari

6.With Yos Amerta and his team at Yos Dive Lembeh - Eco Beach Resort during our departure

With Yos Amerta and his team at Yos Dive Lembeh – Eco Beach Resort during our departure


Have you ever gone some place where coming back home made your heart weep? Exactly this was akin to what we have felt as we said our goodbyes. Our time in Lembeh with exemplary diving and reception fit for king and queen had us so much difficulty dragging ourselves back into the swing of things at work. Indeed, diving in Lembeh with Yos Dive Lembeh – Eco Beach Resort equates for a splendid dive holiday. Have your share of this marvelous experience, contact us NOW for details!

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