What Makes Diving In Sipadan So Special?

Approximately 16 hectares in area, Sipadan is an island off the east coast of Sabah, East Malaysia, commonly known as the island of Borneo. It is a patch of sand covered with luxuriant and untouched rain forest. You would ask, with all the astounding dive sites around the world, what then makes this island of Sipadan so legendary in diving circles?

Firstly, the island is in excellent geographical position. It is in the center of the richest marine habitat in the world being in the heart of Indo-Pacific basin. Classified in here are over 3,000 species of fish. Yes, that much!

It is a unique combination of geophysical and environmental factors that conferred the island’s breathtaking biological richness. With this, one point worthy to note is the island’s relative isolation as well as its being on a summit of a steep underwater mountain that rises almost vertically from a 700m abyss.

The place is a sanctuary for myriad species endangered by human activities which at the same time, has irresistible appeal for huge pelagic predators, as usually happens in secluded pinnacles in the open sea.

Sipadan is renowned around the world for its legendary drop-off. Indeed, its fame is well deserved. There is nowhere else in the world you could just kneel and look down underwater and be greeted with a bewildering vertical drop of over 700m with sharks and turtles gracefully gliding past each other. It is only here in Sipadan! The wall is a perpetual succession of miniature grottos, cavities, cracks, balconies and terraces brimming with rich marine life. At 20m, a wide cavern nicknamed Turtle Tomb would proved to be extremely interesting to explore.

Diving in Sipadan, you could expect to be greeted by these astonishing marine assembly:


Sea turtles which are famously known to have been depositing their eggs in the sand of its beaches. During season, hatchlings making their way to the sea are such a magnificent sight.


Immense schools of great barracuda


Hordes of giant bumphead parrotfish


Modest groups of grey reef sharks


Massive schools of bigeye trevallies


Innumerable whitetip reef sharks and leopard sharks


A vast number of species of reef fauna


A plethora of fish like gobies, scorpionfish, groupers, triggerfish


Flights of mantas and eagle rays


Corals of every form, shape and size

There is absolutely more to see and we shall leave them for you to explore. Now that you have a glimpse of what are waiting for you in Sipadan, planning your holiday diving in Malaysia should commence soon. Sipadan has become a world class dive holiday destination. Advance booking is highly recommended to ensure availability and that all arrangements are done accordingly. Undoubtedly, planning dive holiday could be a handful. But fret not, we are glad to be of assistance. Contact us NOW!

Photo Credit: Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

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