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    Dive Asia NOW! has one of the most extensive network reach to resorts and diving centers in Asia. Located in Singapore, we are directly connected to many of Asia’s top scuba diving destinations and dive sites via full service and low cost carriers, including AirAsia to Tawau (Sipadan), FireFly to Kuala Terengganu (Redang), Cebu Pacific to Donsol and SilkAir to Manado. Trip arrangements can be made in a nick of time with DiveAsia NOW!

    Our key destinations include Sipadan, Manado, Donsol, Layang Layang, Komodo, Bali, Similan and Phuket. Our coverage is continuously expanding to cater for divers who are always seeking for new and unique diving experience.

    By maintaining strong partnership with resorts and dive centers in this region, we are dedicated to deliver great value travel choices for customers. We understand that planning a dive trip can be stressful and we strive to provide customers an escape from that stress. Never give up your diving plans because of the hassles in arranging a trip, we are here to help.

    We are also proud to be an advocate for environmentally-friendly activities to help our marine environment from global warming and shark finning issues. As an eco-friendly company, we provide continuous support to environmental friendly group in their activities to protect our marine environment.

    Dive Asia Now Pte Ltd is also officially endorsed by Singapore Tourism Board as a Travel Agent.
    Why wait? Explore Asia Diving with us now.

  • 1. Extensive Network of Partners

    Over the years, DiveAsia NOW!’s founding members have forged close relationships with resorts and dive centers in Asia and these relationships have evolved into trusting and reliable partnerships with DiveAsia NOW!. With this tightly knitted relationship with these partners, DiveAsia NOW! ensures customers a smooth and relaxing experience during their dive trips.

    Some of DiveAsia NOW!’s partners include:

    Mabul Borneo Divers

    Sipadan Water Village

    Kapalai Dive Resort

    Manado & Lombok

    Tasik Ria Resort

    Layang Layang
    Layang Layang Island Resort

    Bali Scuba


    Bintan Agro Beach Resort

  • 2. We plan, You dive

    Planning a dive trip may be a chore for some divers but DiveAsia NOW! adores it. From flight/land/sea transfers arrangements to resort booking to diving arrangements, we simply love the challenge in planning a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone. We have great sense of achievements when customers love the trip we plan!

    “I would to thank u guys for helping me to book the holiday trip. I really enjoyed myself and made a lot of new friends @ Sipadan as well. A great Holiday getaway indeed I would recommend to my friends and relatives.” – Eng Seng, Aircraft Engineer, ST Aerospace

    “We had a very good time! Thank you for your kind arrangement.” – Professor Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

    “Thanks for arranging everything. It was a great trip!” – Nils Vormelker, Siemens

  • 3. Sincere Advice and Recommendation

    We believe that sincerity is the foundation of long term relationship. That was how we built our relationship with our partners and that will be how we will build our relationship with our customers. Not only that we share honestly about the dive conditions at the dive destinations and the services provided by them, you may also realize that most of our packages’ pricing include all the trip costing with no hidden cost. We put ourselves in the shoes of the customers to provide the best and most relevant advice and recommendation.

  • 4. We Treasure Returning Customers

    We love customers who love our services and return to dive with us. As such, we offer promotional discount to returning customers for trips of the month (it’s not published online at the moment, do email at us to check). We are in the midst of planning more perks for returning customers, do stay tune for future developments.

  • 5. Eco Responsibility

    Through helping raise environmental awareness and reducing the carbon footprint in the packages offered, DiveAsia NOW! is committed to protect Planet Earth. We are committed to do our best to arrange for routes that are most environmentally friendly. We are ready to explore partnership with any associations that promotes environmental protection and do our part for the Earth.

    It’s not too late, let’s start working on it. It not about how significant can an individual’s efforts be, it’s about how willing can the individual be. Learn more about Dive Asia NOW! and the environment.

  • 6. We are Well Connected to Asia Dive Sites

    In Singapore, we are directly connected to many Asia dive sites via low cost carriers and some full service carriers including AirAsia to Tawau (Sipadan), FireFly to Kuala Terengganu (Redang), Cebu Pacific to Donsol and SilkAir to Manado. Being in close proximity with these service providers, we can make trip arrangements in a nick of time.

  • 7. Stay Connected via Social Media

    Over at DiveAsia NOW!, we are well connected to our customers through social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. It is easy for customers to stay updated on our latest promotions via these social tools.

    Photos from the latest trips are posted on these platforms to update other customers on the latest conditions of the dive sites helping them to decide on their next diving location. If there is a social media platform that you think we should be on, do drop us an email at and let us know.

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