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    DiveAsia NOW! is always on the lookout for great people to join the team. If you are passionate about making diving a much more convenient sports for the world, you can be the one!

  • 3 Reasons Why Join DiveAsia NOW!


    We understand that rigidity stifles production of good results especially in the dive travel industry. That’s why we have created an environment with minimal office politics, formalities and lots of flexibility for people to work the way they want. Afterall, it’s a results-oriented game.


    Despite having to work for long hours, the people here will be still high on jokes and crappy stuffs making the whole environment a stress free zone. Most of us are young (at heart), we love fun-loving people, and we believe fun-loving people will love us too!

    Great People

    Most of the members on the team have had established achievements and success in their previous careers. They came together with the aim to create another big success in this diving industry. Be sure to be amazed by the stories of some of these people despite the way they dress (yeah, you’ll know what I mean).

    If you are interested and you think you can be part of this great team, drop us an email at now.

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